ASSITEJ ITALIA was born thanks to 22 founders, which are being joined by many new members.

These are individuals and companies that share objectives and commitment with Assitej Italia. All of them are active in the field of theatre for young audiences.

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Mahsa Amin | Assitej Italia

Assitej Italia expresses warm closeness and solidarity towards all women and men who, in the last few days, have been courageously rising their voices in determined reaction to Mahsa Amini’s death, after her arrest by the ‘moral police’. It is an extraordinary response, that, in the name of Mahsa Amini, is asking for justice and freedom for all Iranian women and, with them, for all the people of Iran. A response that involved firstly the youngsters, who were able to generate a bursting and passionate force.

Mahsa Amini is now a symbol, together with Hadis Najafi, “the girl with the ponytail”, brutally killed during the protests. Their blood is added to the one of tens of people who died while expressing their dissent towards what had happened. People who engaged themselves and together to fight for a future of freedom.

For its involvement towards young generations, Assitej Italia joins their instances and firmly bans the repression currently taking place in Iran, wishing for women and the entire country the return to the safeguard of civil rights, of free expression of opinions and of personal identity, as well as to the support for freedom and equity of the entire population.

The Executive Committee of Assitej Italy

Imagine from “be my voice” di Masih Alinejad