ASSITEJ ITALIA was born thanks to 22 founders, which are being joined by many new members.

These are individuals and companies that share objectives and commitment with Assitej Italia. All of them are active in the field of theatre for young audiences.

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Assitej connects Theatre for Children and Young People all over the world through a network that allows spreading and exchanging of ideas, projects, opportunities and experiences.


Being a member means to be part of this network and to give a contribution to this national and international network. Assitej Italy connects its members through:


A new web site opened in 2019 and constantly updated: a device for communication, important for all members.


Assitej Italy sends to all members 2 monthly newsletters with national and international news: internal reports, courses, workshops, meetings, calls, festivals.

Social Networks

Facebook and Instagram: a quick and easy way to keep up to date about Theatre for Children and Young Public.

Annual Meetings

The assembly is the highest expression of Associative life, indispensable to share the current situation of the Association and to look together for new strategies.

Working Tables

To skip from dialogue to concrete action, to solve possible problems and to develop actions of mutual help for members.

In-Forma Project

ASSITEJ IN-FORMA is a three-day event signed by ASSITEJ Italy for learning and confrontation and reserved to all the members.

To subscribe it is enough to:



Read attentively the Statute, that must be accepted – in every one of his parts – by every member.




For natural person: fill in, stamp and sign the specific application form. For legal person: fill in, stamp and sign the specific application form.




Write a short letter explaining the reasons why the person would join Assitej Italy.




Send everything to the address:




Wait for acceptance before doing the wire for the membership fee.