Assitej Italia

ASSITEJ is an international organization, acting since 1965. It joins together hundreds of theatres and artistic and cultural organizations in the national centres of over 75 countries. It gathers artists and theatre companies who professionally devote themselves to creating a theatre for the young audience and it intends to promote quality and the cultural meaning of the theatre for children and young people. 

Italian division of the international association, ASSITEJ Italia (re-)born at the beginning of 2014 inheriting from ATIG – Associazione italiana di teatro per l’infanzia e la gioventù the mission started in 1967. Assitej Italia’s aim is to develop ATIG’s legacy and the commitment about theater and artistic research dedicated to children, young people and families, facilitating training, meeting, discussion dedicated to artists, practitioners, the public, thanks to new national and international projects. It’s a new journey to be invented and discovered…take your seat!

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Organization Chart

Executive Committee
Presidente: Giovanna Palmieri
Vicepresidente: Cristina Cazzola, Barbara Pizzo
Segretario generale: Nicoletta Cardone Johnson
Tesoriere: Roberto Frabetti
Linda Eroli, Helena Tirén, Guya Giuditta Mingucci , Giordano Sangiovanni